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Public consultation


Proposed layout

Burghley and South Kesteven District Council are delighted to have received planning permission for the St Martin’s Park development on Wednesday 13 October 2021


To view the planning application visit: and enter reference s20/2056.

Thank you to those who gave us their feedback. 

South Kesteven District Council and Burghley were due to hold a public exhibition at Stamford Town Hall on Tuesday 24th March to display their proposal for St Martin’s Park, Barnack Road, Stamford.  

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this had to be postponed and there is no certainty about when it would be possible for it to be reorganised. Therefore, it has been decided to take the consultation online to ensure local stakeholders and the community can have their say.   

We appreciate, however, that some people may not have access to a computer and so have also produced a newsletter to share some of the available information.  

Documents relating to the public consultation can be downloaded on the links below:

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