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St Martin's Park provides an opportunity to renew the site frontage, up to the Barnack Road edge opposite Burghley Park, so that it is sympathetic to the special character of Stamford. 

The introduction of a new avenue of parkland trees along Barnack Road will be in keeping with the adjoining parkland and will provide an attractive outlook for the new development as well as creating a pleasant pedestrian route for residents and those working at St Martin’s Park to enjoy.  

It is envisaged the green space will widen to the east, creating a soft transition from the more densely developed areas along the route to the historic core of Stamford, to the rural landscape to the east. This will also reflect the green characteristics already present along Barnack Road and is designed to promote the health and well-being of a vibrant new and mixed community by providing an attractive route to the town centre, employment, services and railway station.

The transition from country to town will be marked along the development edge by the use of appropriate building types, starting with detached and paired villas on the approach from Barnack, before transitioning to terraced homes - a familiar feature along Barnack Road.  


To the west, where the employment area and neighbourhood store is planned, we intend the design to be centred around the opportunity to revitalise the ‘1904 Building’ into a modern business hub.

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